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My name is Lise Nilsen. I am born in 1955. I got my first watercolorpads in 1986 - and since then I have been a periodic painter. I either love it or its impossible to make an artwork. I first started with watercolor, and fell in love with the medium. Now I have grabbed acrylics, and I am not afraid to mix. I have had a few exhibitions, and a few years ago I made a calendar. I have no formal education as an artist, I am educated a silversmith, windowdresser, and marketing. Art: I have been to Jeanne Dobie in Florida, to Paul Riley in Devon and a trip to India with Paul Millichip. And the Vossaskulen for Biletkunst 4 times. - a 10day workshop. Tend to paint in the night when evryting is silent.

I try not to be stuck in a pattern, and try different styles. Moods and stress and time of the year is not so important. It seems that I use brighter colors the more heavy the mood is. I use color and art as therapy, and it works. I love clear bright colours, no Olive greens, no Paynes grey, or other brilliancekillers. I do not live from my artwork. Actually I am educated a silversmith and have been working with design and screenprinting and acvertising for years.

Lise has a webshop where a few of these can be found. And prints as well.:-)

My gallery of Watercolor Watercolor is very close to my heart - I paint a lot of flowers, nature, and...food... I like still lifes, and try to make the work flow. Someone said : A waterecolor is at its best when its slightly our of control. The problem is to STOP before its too late.




Nothing to do..? Paint onions! You`ll find some amongst the big watercolors and a lot at the miniature page.

Some more miniatures... ...always these onions.... and something else....

An acrylic painting being born...

A few watercolors new 2003


My bumps (watercolor) are rather special, but I hate to see that a a chain of grocery stores have stolen themin a digital form as their world for advertising.

Here is an exhibition, all atwork 76x56 cm


Painting in Devon with Paul Riley



Acrylic is what I am doing right now.

I paint a lot on "boxes", 5 cm thick and about 50-60cm and they need no frame. Strange that I became more or less non-figurative as I grabbed the acrylics...

Here is a few digital photos...



Spiritual art own page

..this is a world of its own. I have done this for years, and it gives me peace in mind and I use it as meditation. It`s no problem that the artworks becomes beautiful too....

Watching time.... Prints available, packet of 12 in my webshop



Energy! I love it myself. Great for meditations.

Big Bang ...where do we all come from -There is music for a few of them as well.




Comfort - My first spiriutal art. It is done between1986 and 1993.

Believe - Hope - Love - Joy

Det blå rommet.





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