Spiritual Art, Visionary art, art from your heart, art that is like healing to tour thpughts, just give it some time and patience...

Welcome to my spiritual art gallery! Or visionary art if you like. Some tend to call it NewAge art. These works are often painted late nights and I use no shadow color. I like to say it is art from my heart, because the colors and the energy in these artwork tend to touch something in people. I use well as much time to look at the work asI paint, and lift up what I see without question. I made my first in 1986I myself use them as meditation, and I always find something new in them.I often make text to them.

It does not hurt that it is beautiful to look at either. So spend your time and enjoy!


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Serie 1

Comfort - My first spiriutal art. From1986 to 1993. 72 pieces.

Go to the Blue room

Believe - Hope - Love - Joy
There is 72 artworks in this serie.

I even have text for them.144 pages analyzing what`s true.

Serie 2

Energy! I love it myself. Great for meditations.

28 pieces

Serie 3

Watching time.... In my webshop you can buy 12 of these as prints

13 artwork.

A few of them are available as A4 prints HERE

Serie 4

Big Bang ...where do we all come from -There is music for a few of them as well. 12 artwork

May be... more coming soon Mail me


Art that stand alone

A few of the originals are for sale
-- most not...



Love and light

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