Workshops is great! Painting holidays as well.

Use a little bit of energy to get information abour the tutor, the place, and experiences others have had , reading and search net before you choose your teacher Some of them are really good tutors, others.... . I was so unlucky to go to India with Paul Millichip - he was not much interested in his students, and a few even quit painting. He spent a lot of time scetching and planning his new book. Some discussion groups will give you lots of information and there ar lists of workshops.

Its a pity that Jeanne Dobie does not teach anymore! She is just wonderful! Here she is: Jeanne Dobie I was a student at her last week as a teacher.

And Paul Riley is sort of my watercolor hero - the master of loose and free watercolors. *sic*

Here a few pictures from a workshop in Devon, Coombe farm. Here is Pauls site. Paul Riley and Coombe Farm

Me working hard....and overdoing the painting...grrrrrrrrrrrr....

Paul Riley doing a demo


The Masters Work

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